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Breathtaking fat freezing sessions with Touch of Tuscany

Freeze fat off with Touch of Tuscany- the answer to a more perfect physique. This revolutionary treatment can help you reduce unwanted fat while improving body contours, resulting in a slimmer, more toned appearance.

The Touch of Tuscany Fat Freezing treatment is the newest procedure for removing stubborn fat and cellulite in women. This cutting-edge therapy is based on the most recent scientific findings and has been shown to be successful in the fight against obesity and cellulite.

Fat Freezing is a new and exciting treatment method that has recently gained popularity in the beauty industry

Taking the stress out of healthy living

Are you tired of the constant dieting? Tired of the grueling workout sessions and getting nowhere fast? If so, read on – I can alleviate all those concerns without you having to cut calories or ever step foot in a gym. I’m talking about Touch of Tuscany Fat Freezing, a pain-free, FDA-approved treatment that uses a groundbreaking cooling technology to freeze your fat cells away.

Happy healthy you!

Stop the dead cells. Freeze those excess fat cells.

Remove body fat with the newest fat freezing treatment from our salon and suites. Our professional fat freezing procedure uses cold temperatures to remove dead fat cells in a matter of minutes. All you have to do is lie back and relax while our experienced staff performs the fat reduction treatment.

Experience the feeling of tighter clothes and increased self-confidence, all without lifting a finger! Utilizing medical technology, we are able to achieve fat reduction in the body with cold temperatures and touch-free application.



Makeover without Pain. Get that safe and effective treatment!

Liposuction has been the go-to therapy for fat removal for years. The procedure, like facelifts, rhinoplasty, and other cosmetic surgeries, now has a non-surgical counterpart.

The new technique of fat freezing, or ice body sculpting, freezes the fat without damaging the surrounding tissue. It uses non-invasive procedures that contours the body to reduce fat.

I know what you’re thinking, “Is this some kind of joke?”. But, no. I’ve recently had a CoolSculpting treatment done on my stomach (“tummy tuck love handles” as I call them). The truth is that I wasn’t actually trying to lose weight. I was simply fed up with the jiggly bits around my middle. They were just not attractive and in being so, prevented me from wearing the clothes I wanted to wear.

We give you the freedom to feel the way you want to feel

Many women worry about the way their body looks and strive to get the perfect shape. We have all been there, you are looking to change but the diet or exercise regime just isn’t working. With the Touch of Tuscany you can finally see a change in your body that you want!

There are numerous ways of achieving that goal, but the most popular and often chosen one is our fat freezing treatment.

Perhaps the most terrifying thing about aging is that it’s inevitable. As we get older, some of us are more prone to accumulating fat that just won’t budge. It’s called cellulite. And it can be a difficult problem to solve, even with exercise and diet changes.

Now, there’s a solution available to get rid of these annoying skin within a few weeks!

Great Service at a Great Price!

Skin treatments done with love and care.

Finally, a compelling alternative to liposuction. This breakthrough treatment freezes belly fat without surgery, temporary redness, or downtime. Using safe fat freezing technology and treatment, our salon can transform your body in as little as a few treatment sessions for less than half of the cost of a traditional liposuction procedure.

Just visit our doctor’s office and our experts will provide medical advice. It’s completely unnecessary to seek a plastic surgeon or to discuss current treatment paradigms. This new fat reduction treatment will satisfy your beauty needs!

Here at our treatment site, we take good care of your skin cells and we familiarize ourselves with your specific skin sensitivity. Unlike other salon’s treatment site, we make sure to only work on the targeted areas to avoid skin reactions and other skin complications.

Get the body you’ve always wanted within a few weeks!

You won’t be able to get your desired goals within one session.

In the quest to look younger, we often seek out any means that will help us do so. While some may turn to cosmetic surgery, others choose to take a more natural approach. That’s where fat freezing comes in.

Also known as CoolSculpting, fat freezing is a safe and effective means of removing localized fat from the body. Alongside reducing cellulite, fat freezing can also help with body contouring and body shaping.

The treatment is performed as an outpatient procedure that can take anywhere from thirty minutes to an hour. Its duration will vary depending on the amount of fat present in the area.

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Amazing Before and After Fat Freezing Results

Looking for a non-surgical option to get rid of stubborn fat on your skin? Fat freezing, also called cryolipolysis (the process of using controlled cooling to remove fat), might be the answer.

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Lasting positive results for an all-natural, healthy appearance

Say Good-bye to Stubborn Fat Cells

The human body consists of 80% water, and the fat cells are composed of a large number of water molecules. The fat freezing treatment reduces the size and volume of fat cells, thus restricting the amount of lipids (fats). When the lipids within the fat cells are removed, the cells shrink and their volume decreases.

Look your best, feel great

You’re here because you want a slimmer

and trimmer physique.

Body contouring is one of the most popular cosmetic treatment in the market. However, despite our efforts towards weight loss, most of us end up having loose skin and fat deposits on our bodies that refuse to go away no matter how hard we try.

You’re in luck because fat freezing yield results! Forget plastic surgeons!

Visit our treatment area for the best results and the shortest recovery time. Get up and running without delay!

Top-notch Nonsurgical Fat Reduction Procedure

Kills fat cells in a new innovative way

Fat freezing is a non-invasive fat reduction procedure. It is a safe and simple treatment that offers men and women an alternative to liposuction, tummy tucks or other invasive procedures.

Body fat is a complex organ composed of living tissue, blood vessels, and nerves, which makes it impossible to remove using a laser. The non-invasive fat freezing treatment utilizes a special device that sends cold temperatures deep into the fat cells to freeze them, but not the skin or surrounding tissue.

It works by targeting an area with an intense cold applicator that rapidly cools the skin to below freezing without being painful.

Making undesirable fat cells disappear

What are subcutaneous fats?

This is the fat that is just beneath the surface of your skin. Each person’s genetic composition determines how much subcutaneous fat they have.

Subcutaneous fat distribution differs between men and women, with women having more on their hips and thighs. For most people, it accounts for about 90% of our total fat.

While this type of fat serves a variety of functions in the body, too much of it can be harmful to your health. A nutrient-dense, calorie-balanced diet combined with regular activity will help you maintain a healthy weight.

Get desired results with proper diet and exercise!

More than one session, less than a commitment.

When all is said and done, one thing is for sure: fat freezing work. No need for a cosmetic surgeon, keep away drug administration for fat loss, and most importantly, wave goodbye to your low self-esteem. You absolutely DO NOT need these to conform to American society’s beauty standards.

Touch of Tuscany’s Fat Freezing procedure and treatment will make you feel beautiful inside and out, which will improve your overall health. Of course, like everything in life, it is suggested that you do your part as well. Maintain that healthy lifestyle, stay active, and eat your vegetables as to not gain weight and to steer clear of misfortune. We here at Touch of Tuscany believe in every single one of our patients – we know you will help us in bringing the beauty out of you!