Teeth Whitening

Make the White Choice for your Smile!


Ready for a Beautiful Smile That Makes All the Difference?

Come for the Signature of Touch of Tuscany Experience!

Do you know that your smile is one of the first things that is admired by people? The Touch of Tuscany | Salon & Suites beauty lab is the perfect place for you to whiten your teeth!

Let’s take your next step in achieving your pearly bright teeth and prepare to say hello to teeth that shine! Because rest assured, Touch of Tuscany makes having a whiter set of teeth the easiest thing.

Say yes to a confident smile! Ready for your best teeth whitening experience? We are here to provide you the service in the easiest possible way for the best teeth whitening offers!

Tired of your night routine of using whitening strips and whitening pens before sleeping? Or being worried about drinking too much coffee or enjoying a night with a glass of red wine that may cause you tooth discoloration and tooth stains? Or even changing into multiple brands of whitening toothpaste that don’t work for you?

Take a break from your numerous whitening toothpaste,  teeth whiteners and other teeth brightening products and cut your expenses in purchasing teeth whitening pen that don’t leave any prolonged results! Because the best way to cut your expenses in whitening products and over the counter products that we can offer is a teeth whitening treatment that actually works at its best!

Touch of Tuscany | Salon & Suites is a beauty lab that offers professional teeth whitening that opens the easiest access and a teeth whitening process that actually works for you!

Whiten your teeth and get handled by our professionally trained teeth whitening professionals that are certified by the American Dental Association and professionally trained in Cosmetic Dentistry-a branch of dentistry that specialize in aesthetic dentistry.

Touch of Tuscany | Salon & Suites offers the best care for only $99 on the single session and a hugely discounted offer of only $179 for a double session so grab the amazing opportunity and contact us!

What teeth whitening can do to your teeth?

Asking what are the other benefits that teeth whitening can give you? Here is the list of the Touch of Tuscany offerings for your best teeth care!

✓ Professional whitening clears out and renews your yellow teeth, eliminates yellow stains and transforms to white and bright teeth!

Teeth whitening appoints bleaching agents such as hydrogen gel solutions that are comprehensively used to eliminate your tooth’s surface stains!

✓ The treatment will show obvious aesthetic whitening effects such as sparkling white teeth of yours!


Your Potential Financial Markdown After Teeth Whitening


✓ You will less likely to spend a lot of money in unnecessary teeth whitening kits and teeth whiteners.

✓ There will be big markdowns in your expenses with temporary products that do not leave any long white results on your teeth such as whitening pens.

✓ Travels to your dentist’s office and gas money would more likely be reduced unless necessary procedures are required to be done.

✓ Need more time to work than to wait a long queue of patients in the doctor’s office? The Touch of Tuscany is here to help you!

Why Invest in Teeth Whitening Treatment and Not on Whitening Products?

Teeth Whitening Kits

are Overrated!

Teeth Whitening Kit that provides complete teeth whitening materials such as whitening toothpaste, hydrogen peroxide-based products for sensitive teeth, and another whitening kit that shoves tiny hygiene bottles in a pouch could be an eye-catching marketing strategy but this portion of investment causes you to buy repeatedly just to ‘sustain’ or achieve your whiter teeth.


Teeth Whitening Products are Almost the Same with Home Teeth Whitening

The Teeth Whitening kit indicates products such as whitening toothpaste that can be found in your bathroom or even hydrogen peroxide that can be found in your first aid kit. These products romanticize the idea of whitening your teeth but in a smaller span, the products included in these pouches are easier to access and cheaper to purchase.


Teeth Whitening Kit Will Cost You More Than a Teeth Whitening Treatment

Whitening toothpaste and hydrogen peroxide has been the major product that a client should find in a teeth whiteners kit. Prioritizing sensitive teeth is not even a choice. Unlike whitening your teeth via treatment, your care is what truly matters.



Why Choose Touch of Tuscany?

Touch of Tuscany Makes Having A Whiter Teeth the Easiest Thing for You!

Other than single or double sessions being offered by the Touch of Tuscany, we would cut you some slack in purchasing whitening toothpaste.


Get the care you deserve and teeth that dazzle!

Wants to stand out? Charm them with your bright and gorgeous smile! The Touch of Tuscany can bring that sparkling dream to your hands with the easiest steps with the fastest and most convenient ways to make your life easy!


The Touch of Tuscany Has the Perfect Professionals for You!

Your care is our priority and we are here to deliver you your new smile with your new confidence by our certified dental professionals that can reassure your care and the quality the brand has promised to help you achieve!


Touch of Tuscany | Salon & Suites offers promising prices for a smile that really shows your personality! To better your shiny teeth, try the Touch of Tuscany whitening treatment at the best price which is what you deserve!

Dental teeth brightening uses hydrogen peroxide gel and carbamide peroxide as the whitening gel which will be applied at the teeth surface or the tooth enamel that will be associated with blue light that will activate the teeth whitening and will be highly beneficial in breaking down each of your tooth’s stains to a whiten teeth!

Single Session – $99

Buddy Session or Double Session – $179

In single sessions, we assure you your own best bright and white teeth!

The buddy session or double session is well suited for clients who are couples, partners, families and besties! This is to enhance your environment comfortable and to establish a better and wider result for our client population!

The buddy session or double session also indicates a good teeth whitening discount for the whitening treatments.

Specific teeth selections are also available for teeth whitening. You can prefer it if you’d just want your front teeth to be whitened but to experience the full package of confidence, but we would suggest a full set of teeth whitening for better, equal and lasting whitening results!

What to Avoid After a Teeth Whitening Treatment

Remember that your smile is our confidence! So here are some reminders that will help you to retain your pearly whitened teeth for a better and prolonged experience of your treatment!

We would love to see you with your beautiful smile in the long run!

After undergoing a procedure that will make your teeth bright, the brighter color varies. So we are here to help you take care of your lovely white pearls!

Remember, don’t be just tooth bright! Be tooth healthy!

Other than securing your dental health, we’d love to give you advice on how to take care of your teeth that will help you to preserve your whitened teeth!

Here are some helpful tips:

✓ Avoid chewing tobacco

Tobacco stains or other nicotine substances can cause serious discoloration or yellowish stains on your enamel. So other than our goal to achieve your best smiles, we care for your health!


✓ Contradicting the procedure by performing additional at-home whitening procedures

After undergoing treatment with us, there are no additional procedures that have to be done in your house! Because the Touch of Tuscany will send you home smiling and satisfied!


✓ Avoid using mild abrasives because the tooth sensitivity is still high after the teeth whitening treatment.

To ensure your patient care, we would like to take care of you up until away from our premises! Therefore, to avoid any uncomfortable tooth sensitivity and to retain your bright smiles, avoid using mild abrasives to your teeth.


✓ Take good care of your enamel and limit the usage of baking soda or other acidic substances on your teeth.

Baking soda is an acidic agent that can cause thinning of your enamel which is the outer surface that protects your teeth! So to avoid any enamel thinning, go straight to teeth brightening treatment and let us skip house remedies!


✓ Engaging in any poor oral hygiene habits

Poor oral hygiene can cause several dental problems and damages to your teeth. Undergoing teeth brightening treatment can reduce these risks but we would need your cooperation! Remember that your secured health is what we care about!

Steps in Whitening your Teeth

by Touch of Tuscany

Touch of Tuscany is a beauty lab that appointed skilled staff and offers a variety of teeth-brightening options. In-office whitening and regular dental cleanings, we;

Orient and evaluate your

teeth and your smile

As our beloved clients, we put our dedication and our passion for cosmetic dentistry into giving our best performances for you. We examine your teeth specifically their color and their health. Then we will do a background check such as your past teeth whitening product, the teeth-whitening strips that you use if you underwent in-office bleaching and an assessment of your at-home whitening products.

These home teeth whitening that you use in your house or even in-office whitening could affect the sensitivity of your teeth and this assessment will help our skilled teeth whitening estheticians to remove surface stains that can be found on your teeth’s surface.


Direct Teeth

Whitening Session

In this step, the teeth whitening procedure will be initiated. The teeth will first be prepped by our professional teeth whitening dentists.

After the cleaning and preparation, whitening gels will be added to the teeth’ surface and will be evenly spread. The same surface where your crest whitestrips will also be covered by the whitening agent used; hydrogen peroxide and will be exposed with the UV-Free LED blue light for the hydrogen peroxide and carbamide peroxide for whitening gel and as a bleaching agent activation for your desired tooth color.

Along the process, the patient will be casually checked for any possible gum irritation or allergies because remember, our care is your safety and comfortability.


Post Whitening


Our care for you is extensive!

After the teeth whitening experience from us, you would have to throw your whitening toothpaste, get rid of a huge bag of your teeth whitening kit, and your other unnecessary teeth whitening products!

After your teeth whitening session with us, your whitening strips will have nothing to say and your teeth’ whiteners would probably run away with your other whitening products! Stay connected with our skilled estheticians. Be guided accordingly on how you can take care of your whitened teeth!

The Confidence Aftermath in

Teeth Whitening

Remember that your smile is our confidence! So here are some reminders that will help you to retain your pearly whitened teeth for a better and prolonged experience of your treatment!

We would love to see you with your beautiful smile in the long run!

After undergoing a procedure that will make your teeth bright, the brighter color varies. So we are here to help you take care of your lovely white pearls!

Say Goodbye to…

✓ Extensive usage of whitening toothpaste

Teeth brightening process cuts you the slack from all the road travels, grocery lines, and salary expenses from various products that ‘whitens’ your teeth! Bring one solution to one problem!

✓ Common yellow stains on your teeth surface

Yellow stain is treated by our amazing staff and is one of the biggest targets in teeth brightening procedures!

✓ Hydrogen peroxide-based dental products

Dental products with various hydrogen bases could be very dominant and are commonly used in dental product marketing. Not all of these products show good and fast effects on the user. So the Touch of Tuscany will redirect you to the goal of each procedure!

✓ Yellowish smiles

Yellow smiles are believed to be natural or lines are used to make you believe that ‘yellow teeth are strong’. But it is not! The Touch of Tuscany can offer you the best and the whitest smiles that can bring you to your satisfaction!


Your white and bright teeth cannot only be achieved by whitening toothpaste or sets of teeth whitening kits to whiten your teeth. Instead, teeth whitening procedures are offered to not only whiten your teeth or give you a deep dental surface stain cleaning. Teeth whitening procedures that the Touch of Tuscany offers can be prolonged which gives you access to finally enjoying your favorite glass of red wine.

Long-term results of teeth whitenings also lessen the tooth sensitivity and make your sensitive teeth even less sensitive. This is one of the several effects that can cut your drive to the dentist’s office. Rest assured that after your teeth whitening treatment, you can smile all you can to show off your White Pearls!

Because when you are touched by the Touch of Tuscany, you are touched with beautiful teeth for life!